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          1. 中國高端精細化工行業新技術研發者Surfactant R&D manufacturer

            十余年表面活性劑定制經驗 為您量身打造解決方案工廠研發 個案定制 明確匹配
            Shengxuan Bio-Chemical VS. inexperienced small factoryFocus on only one thing for 20 years: personalized customization of surfactants

            Shengxuan Bio-Chemicalinexperienced small factory

            cumulative experience in the industry since 1999
            inexperienced small factory
            Gold raw materials suppliers with higher quality products
            Cheap raw materials with low quality (would affect the effect of customer's product)
            R & D for customer specific formulation requirements, continuous technical support for customer products
            No R & D laboratories or R & D capabilities, unable to provide technical support

            Started in 1999, the professional development of surfactants manufacturers

            Started in 1999, the professional development of surfactants manufacturers

            Excellent research and development ability
            Good transform rate of scientific research achievements.

            A professional R & D team composed of senior national engineers and master R & D staff
            More than 30 years of research and development experience, involving the development of 4 categories of surfactants.

            product quality

            Stable product quality
            Improving customer product core competitiveness.
            Advanced production technology, stable formula,
            high quality raw materials, Complete detection methods
            Using computer systems to manage production

            High market share

            The market share of our product is high
            and the service network is all over the whole country

            Our products have high popularity and market share in the market
            Maintains a long-term strategic partnership with the famous top 500 enterprises
            Our products are all over 30 provincial administrative districts in more than 600 cities
            Services, products, and technical support have been provided for 9072 customers